A doula is like water wings. You don't learn how to swim because you have them. The water wings give you the confidence to jump into deep water and discover how capable you truly are.


Birth Doula Packages

In the "Rock your birth" session we will explore:

  • The pain medication preference scale and how your partner can use that to guide their support

  • Comfort and pain coping strategies

  • Specific techniques you and your partner can use based on your physiology, coping responses, and birthing environment

  • Tapping into the tools and resources you already possess, and acknowledging how the two of you will practice good communication and self-care in labour

  • Expectations for game day

  • In the "Tuning into birth" session we will explore:

  • The worksheets you have completed,

  • What information vaginal exams give us and questions to ask your care provider

  • Timing contractions

  • Identifying what areas may be challenging for the two of you, exploring ways to decrease the chances of it happening, developing strategies and techniques to deescalate if it does happen, and identify what added support you might need from each other, or the staff if that situation arises

  • Addressing fears

  • Your hopes for the birth and early days with baby

  • In the "From surviving to thriving" consult you get two hours to ask questions, and talk over any concerns you have, from postpartum healing, to life with your new baby.

    $ 700 +HST
    I'm interested
    • Two prenatal visits
    • 24/7 on-call support for any questions
    • In person birth support
    • Three weeks of postpartum follow up
    • One postpartum visit
    • A birth story with photos
    $ 1200 +HST
    Under 19 years old?
    The teen package is $50 - 200
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    • The
      "Let's doula this"
    • 4 reflexology sessions
      for either of you to use
      pre or post birth
    • Advice on preparing
      your home
      for life with baby
    • "Advanced, next level"
      comfort measures
    $ 1555 +HST
    I'm interested
    • The
      "Let's doula this"
    • Prenatal classes
    • Discounts on reflexology
    $ 1400 +HST
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    • "Rock your birth" virtual session
    • "Tuning into birth" virtual session
    • "From surviving to thriving" postpartum consult
    $ 75 +HST each
    Birth support is not included
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    • 2 reflexology sessions
    • Private comfort measures class
    • "Welcoming baby: the insiders guide"
    $ 275 +HST
    Birth support is not included
    I'm interested

    I believe that birth matters and support is not a luxury.

    It is important to me that all people have access to doula support. If finances are an issue we can discuss options regarding your support.


    Giving birth by cesarean is not a cop out. It doesn’t spare you from the physical and emotional transformations that birthing presents us with. Whether it is a planned, or unexpected cesarean, your doula can help you navigate what to expect, and tap into the power and strength you need to welcome your baby into the world. READ MORE...


    As a cesarean and VBAC support specialist I understand cesarean births are transformative births, and they require immense strength and bravery. Although a cesarean birth may be the right choice for you and your baby, it is also a major surgery with real wounds and scars. Those scars are reminders of the bravery and fortitude you possessed when bringing a child into the world.

    A supported, confident, informed, and loving landscape is what underpins a positive experience. As a doula I support you in making choices that come from a place of strength. I can help calm the nerves with feedback of what to expect. I provide tips to help optimize your experience both during the birth, and at home as you recover and are for the life you just brought into this world.

    Sometimes people who give birth by cesarean feel their body has failed them. Their confidence is shaken, and it is a vulnerable, and isolating time. Having access to your doula to speak openly, to process what happened, and what is currently happening, is a huge part of a healthy healing process. Having the extra love and support goes a long way. A doula is not just for game day. The care starts the moment you hire them, and for weeks beyond. Cesarean birth support is as individual as you are. If you would like to learn more please email me.


    Birth is not only a physical event; it is an emotional journey. So many questions and concerns begin to ruminate in parent’s minds once they no longer have to focus on the physical task of coping with contractions. READ MORE...


    Birth is not only a physical event; it is an emotional journey. So many questions and concerns begin to ruminate in parent’s minds once they no longer have to focus on the physical task of coping with contractions.

    Your doula supports you through the months and weeks leading up to the birth and during your early weeks postpartum.

    This is your birth. My goal is to see that you have a fulfilling and happy birth experience, whatever that means to you.

    "Michelle was always very open, very receptive and respectful for our feelings about the birthing process. Her experience and expertise were invaluable." –Dana, first time mom


    Birth partners are generally more involved because the pressure of the unknown is removed and both of your needs are being met. A doula will help both of you to relax, and help to ease your concerns therefore allowing the two of you to enjoy this remarkable experience. READ MORE...


    A doula can never replace the love and support that your partner can provide. You are bound to experience a wide range of emotions at your birth. You may feel excited, anxious, or potentially fearful. Michelle will help you cope with all the fears and anxieties both of you may have.

    A doula is sympathetic, and informed. I can be a quiet, calm presence offering both of you reassurance. Birth partners are generally more involved because the pressure of the unknown is removed and both of your needs are being met. The doula gives helpful suggestions about what comfort measures work best during different stages. Because this is an intimate experience between you and your partner, your doula may stay in the background to allow privacy. In the event of a long or difficult labour the doula can give the one-on-one attention the mother needs, while the partner takes a break or rests. A doula will help both the mom and partner to relax, and help to ease their concerns therefore allowing them both to enjoy this remarkable experience.

    "Our doula was specific in asking what my participation level was, and what I wanted."- Chad, first time dad

    "Having a doula before, during and after the birthing process allowed me to feel comfortable, confident and secure in my decision making. I learned a lot about the baby's development and what to expect during the pregnancy and at the birth. I felt like I had a coach nearby to alleviate my anxieties and fears. Michelle was able to do this because she is non-judgmental, very open and does not speak in euphemisms." - first time dad


    Your body, your baby, your birth.


    Absolutely not. This is your journey. It is my job to ensure you have the information you need to make the decision that is right for you. That is done by slowing things down, asking questions, and ensuring you heard and understood what was said.

    Though we don't get to choose the cards we are dealt, we do have a choice in how we play them. I help people tune into their innate wisdom, find their known strengths and those they didn't realize they had. It is so cool watching people birth and parent in their truth, confidently and fiercely.


    Have a question? Let's talk. To set up your complimentary consult and to learn more about the incredible labour support you'll receive by choosing Birth Beginnings,

    Michelle Haché