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"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is also about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." - Barbara Katz-Rothman

How to have a positive birth

In our culture, birth and the postpartum period is most often cast in a negative light and for many expectant women and their partners it becomes a source of anxiety.

In many ways, the birth of a child is similar to advancing to a new stage in your life. In preparing to get your driver’s license or growing into your career you've completed the appropriate education, drawing on the wisdom and experience of someone who knew the territory well. Likewise, navigating labour, birth and early parenting requires a new skill set. There are so many options out there for families yet some people don’t know where to look or how to begin. Birth Beginnings helps families develop the knowledge and confidence required for a rewarding and smooth transition into parenthood or in adding to their families.

"With our previous pregnancy I felt so hopeless. I didn't understand what was going on or how to help in a way that was meaningful for (wife). Michelle was great because she coached (wife) first and me second. I felt much more relaxed and enjoyed the birth process far more because I knew (wife) was as comfortable and relaxed as she could be." - second time father

Inspired Beginnings

Your child’s birth is a momentous occasion and one you will replay again and again in your mind. Birth Beginnings aims to ensure the memory of your child’s birth is positive and empowering. This is accomplished through Prenatal classes that not only focus on the birth of your child but also the life skills required to carry you through the postpartum period and beyond.

"It was apparent that through her work as a doula, instructor, etc. that she had hands on experience to be able to apply the theories taught to real-life experience through her work. Michelle also had a way of explaining the material in a very common sense manner that was easy to understand and remember, which is important." - first time mother

The birth of a new child, and the process of becoming a parent, can bring many challenges as well as opportunities to learn and grow. Helping families feel calm and confident is also the role of a doula, a labour support professional who attends to a woman and her partner during birth. In addition to providing numerous benefits throughout labour, including a reduction in interventions and labour duration, studies have also shown that having a doula present at birth extends benefits to the family during the postpartum period.

Birth Beginnings believes that birth matters and support is not a luxury. An ideal pregnancy and birth impacts the family in a profound way, while providing the newborn with a strong foundation upon which a healthy life unfolds. Both the wonderful experience of giving birth and the ability to parent with love and confidence create a stronger family bond. All family members will enjoy the benefits and great satisfaction that come with this new stage in their lives. You have the opportunity to watch your love, passion and confidence get reflected in the smile of your own little “birth beginning” for years to come. I look forward to helping you realize and embrace the wonderful connection between you, your child and your family, through a comfortable, informed birthing experience.

I hope you enjoy the site. Happy Birthing!