TENS Machine Rental

TENS is a great natural way to relief pain, and help moms feel more in control.

Birth Beginnings has BabyCare Elle TENS units available for rental. Details on the TENS units can be found here.

Your rental fee includes:

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The unit:

The Elle TENS unit, a pack of 4 individual use electrodes, lanyard, 3 sets of leads, 2 sets of batteries, instruction manual, and carrying case.

Cost of rental for 5 weeks $75+HST

Book your TENS rental here.

Consult with your care provider before renting a TENS unit.

TENS cannot be used:

  • On open wounds that would interfere with the placement of pads
  • If you have history of epilepsy or seizures
  • If you have a pace maker
  • While labouring in water (but these are easily taken on and off before and after water use)
  • Please read our rental agreement.

    Book your TENS rental here.